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how to set up ffmpeg as a lambda layer

what i learned

how to add ffmpeg and ffprobe as a lambda layer to be used by lambda functions.

Getting ffmpeg

# ffmpeg

# checksum

md5sum -c ffmpeg-release-amd64-static.tar.xz.md5

# extract
tar xvf ffmpeg-release-amd64-static.tar.xz

Side note: i had to brew install md5sha1sum and brew install wget on my local laptop

Creating Lambda Layer

  1. create ffmpeg/bin/
  2. copy ffmpeg into it
  3. zip ffmpeg/
# Create bin/
mkdir -p ffmpeg/bin

# Copy ffmpeg
cp ffmpeg-6.0-amd64-static/ffmpeg ffmpeg/bin

# Zip directory
cd ffmpeg
zip -r ../ .


Upload zip file as a lambda layer.


In my case I also included ffprobe as it's also required for whisper.

how i learned

i've been using OpenAI's whisper and i want to set it up as a lambda function to transcribe files as they land on an S3 bucket.